How portal help authors to find the best journal for research paper publication

How online portals helping authors to find the best journal for research paper publication is a platform that is dedicated to helping the global scientific research community to make its mark.  Having your research published in an impact factor journal is not an easy task. From quality to reliability you have to maintain everything to ensure publication of research articles in impact factor journals but still your work […]

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EOIs: What they are and how to cite them

EOIs, or Electronic Object Identifiers, are becoming increasingly common as publishers begin to assign them to journal articles. This guide will explain their purpose and how to include them in a bibliography. What is an EOI? The Electronic Object Identifier (EOI®) System is for identifying content objects in the digital environment. EOI® names are assigned to […]

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Windows 10

Windows 10 update changes the game of copy and paste

An upcoming Windows 10 update is expected to improve the existing cloud clipboard installation so that users can copy and paste material across all their devices. Introduced in 2018, the feature currently syncs clipboard content across multiple Windows 10 computers that are signed into the same Microsoft account. For example, users can copy text to […]

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