Effects of COVID-19 in the aviation sector

Effects of COVID-19 in the aviation sector

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The major airlines of the US have announced its plans for the job-cuts in the coming months. This news has come up as a disaster for families of the workers working in this industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the aviation sector has dropped from 5.12 lakhs in the march to about four lakhs in June 2020.

The Cares payroll support is a program designed to help the passenger and cargo help carriers for continuing the payment of salaries and wages. This payroll support expires in October 2020, which creates a road for laying off employees. The union is demanding to extend the payroll support until March 2021 since not all airlines have successfully come out of the crisis.

Some employees are also opting for a voluntary leave and an early retirement to mitigate expected furloughs and layoffs after the payroll support has stopped. “Flight attendant will less than four years of seniority are under the threat of furloughs,” said a flight attendant with American Airlines.

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