Google Meet for Android is getting redesigned

Google Meet for Android is getting redesigned

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Google Meet has introduced a new user interface for Android users. The new design can be accessed by updating Google Meet in the PlayStore.

  • The Google Meet app for Android has been redesigned with an updated user interface.
  • The update is available to all Android users through the PlayStore.
  • The reviewed Google Meet has also received new buttons and is colored blue.

The Google Meet app for Android has a new look and new buttons with an updated user interface. In addition to the new look, the updated user interface also offers quick keyboard shortcuts. The new Google Meet button has a quick reference guide. When a user clicks New Meeting, they have the option to share a link, start an immediate meeting, schedule it on the calendar, and close it. Also, the new Google Meet has removed its old green theme and is now blue.

The new appearance of the Android application is the same as that of the Gmail application. The new features were first introduced on the Google Meet tab in Gmail and the Google Meet app for iOS and are now available to Android users. This feature is now fully available for Android and can be accessed by updating the Google Meet app via the PlayStore.

You can’t help but notice user feedback on the PlayStore asking Google to adopt the older version of Meet. Some users have complained that a dialog box is missing, while others have a problem with incessant notification every time someone joins or leaves a meeting.

In one of its responses to comments on the PlayStore, Google noted that the new user interface through the separate Meet app and the Meet tab in Gmail helps ensure a consistent meeting experience during a call.

Last month, Google Meet announced the longest free call extension on its Meet service until March 31, 2021. The company announced that the feature, which was due to expire at the end of September, will continue to operate unchanged.

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