Google Maps introduced one of the most requested features

Google Maps introduced one of the most requested features.

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Google Maps added a new feature to its application: traffic lights at the intersections of various US cities.

The technology company made the switch “to help people stay better informed on the go,” a Google spokesman said. The new street symbols can be seen in the app at US city intersections on Android and iOS.
Google’s latest makeover for the navigation app was unveiled last month. The update includes an “Algorithmic Color Mapping Technique” that allows users to more easily identify different types of terrain, such as beaches and forests. The company said the Google Maps redesign will also include the redesign of sidewalks and pedestrian islands to better visualize navigation.

According to the company, the function to show traffic lights at intersections has been available on Google Maps in Japan for years. But it was one of the most sought after roles in America.
Earlier this year, Google Maps began testing traffic light functionality in some US cities, tech giant The Verge confirmed in July.

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