The best deals we found this week: MacBook Air, TCL Roku TVs and more

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Buy MacBook Air on Amazon – $ 899

Buy MacBook Air at B&H – $ 899

Macbook Pro

Dana Wollman / Engadget

The MacBook Pro is better suited for those who need their laptops to be a real workhorse, and you can still pick up some of the latest models while they’re on the cheap at Amazon. the 512 GB and 1 TB The 2020 MacBook Pro models are both $ 200 off right now, bringing them down to $ 1,600 and $ 1,800, respectively. You’ll also get the new Magic Keyboard on these laptops, along with 10th gen Core i5 2.0Ghz processors, 16GB of RAM, 13-inch Retina displays, and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Buy a 13-inch (512GB) MacBook Pro from Amazon – $ 1,600

Buy a 13-inch (1TB) MacBook Pro from Amazon – $ 1,800


Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case


Amazon and Staples have Apple’s AirPods (with the standard wired charging case) for $ 129, which is very close to the lowest price we’ve seen ($ 128.99). They usually range between $ 135 and $ 140, so this is a good opportunity to grab them if you don’t already have a pair. If you like the feel of the EarPods that came with iPhones, then you’ll like the fit of the AirPods. We gave them a score of 84 for their excellent wireless performance and long battery life.

Buy AirPods on Amazon – $ 129

Buy AirPods from Staples – $ 129

TCL 8 Series Roku TVs

TCL 8 Series Smart TV


Two of TCL’s 8 Series Roku smart TVs are available at Best Buy: the The 65-inch 4K model has dropped to $ 1,000 and the massif The 75-inch 4K model has dropped to $ 1,500. These are the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for both TVs, and while they’re still a lot more expensive than most, they have some of the newest tech you can find. The 8 Series, which became available at the end of 2019, uses both quantum dot and mini-LED technology to achieve better color performance and more accurate backlighting. If you’d rather not spend that much on a TV, you can purchase one of Hisense’s H65 sets that are also on sale: the The 43-inch 4K model is on sale for $ 230 and the 55-inch 4K model now costs $ 300, or $ 100 off its normal price.

Buy a 65-inch TCL Roku TV from Best Buy – $ 1,000

Buy a 75-inch TCL Roku TV from Best Buy – $ 1,500

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Chris Velazco / Engadget

You can get the Apple Watch Series 3 for its lowest price ever, just $ 169, at Amazon. This is a good option if the $ 400 Series 5 is out of your price range or if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with the latest model. Series 3 does all the basics you want a smartwatch to do, including tracking daily activity and workouts, monitoring heart rate, sending smartphone alerts, playing music when connected to wireless headphones and more.

Buy Apple Watch Series 3 on Amazon – $ 169

Echo Dot Set

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker


The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most affordable Alexa speaker, but now you can get it for a lot less than its starting price of $ 50. New Amazon Music Unlimited users can purchase two months of service and get either a Echo Dot for an additional $ 0.99, or one Echo Dot with clock for an additional $ 10. It’s the cheapest you’ll ever see an Echo Dot (though on the rare occasions it’s a giveaway when you buy a more expensive device) and you can try Amazon’s answer to Spotify and Apple Music in the process. Remember, your Music Unlimited subscription will renew at $ 10 per month if you don’t cancel by the end of the two months.

Buy the Echo Dot bundle on Amazon – $ 21

Buy Echo Dot with Clock Bundle on Amazon – $ 30

Addition of new offers

Anker Accessories

Anker has another one day sale only on Amazon today. While not as broad as the brand’s latest deal on Amazon, it does include an MFi certified certificate. Powerline + II USB-C to Lightning cable for only $ 16, which is $ 9 less than its normal and lowest price we’ve seen. We love these Powerline cables for their braided nylon design that helps them resist breaking and fraying. Using this cable with an 18W or greater USB-C PD charger will allow you to charge your iPhone to 50% in just half an hour.

Buy Powerline + II USB-C to Lightning Cable on Amazon – $ 16

Shop Anker’s One Day Sale

Vantrue dash cameras

Two of Vantrue’s excellent dash cams are currently on sale at their lowest prices: the N1 Pro Mini dash cam costs $ 52 when you use the code NPRTR7BQ at checkout, and N2 Pro Dual dash camera costs $ 120 when you use the code VH2U6RYN at the register. The N1 Pro Mini is the best for most people because it films the road in front of you as you drive in 1080p, includes a night vision mode, uses loop recording so you never run out of storage space for them. records and has a G-sensor to record impact images. The N2 Pro films both the road and the interior of your car, making it best for those who drive for ridesharing services.

Buy N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam on Amazon – $ 52

Buy N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam on Amazon – $ 120

Arturia summer sale

Arturia celebrates its 20th anniversary with a Summer sale which is reducing some of its music software by 50%. Many individual instruments are discounted, but the best deals are on Pigments and Analog lab, both at $ 99. The last time these two programs were this low was in April. Analog Lab offers you a bundle of software synthesizers with 6,500 presets, built-in effects, splits, multis and a live mode, as well as a sound store with thousands of presets. Pigments provides a powerful synth with multiple engines, sound sources, effects and modulation.

Shop the Arturia summer sale

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